I welcome you to Earth Wisdom Institute where Integrative Medicine Ways are the focus of our practice, poetry, purpose and passion. These healing modalities draw ancient Wisdom and current knowledge together in celebration of the Cycles of the Seasons and activist art and expressions of our devotion to our Mother Earth. Shamanic apprenticeships, online and phone conference Councils, in-person Wise Woman Counseling and rite-of-passage retreats are all available. Please contact Marcie Telander, MA,  Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, Eco-Psychotherapist, Ritualist, Mythographer, Writer, Master Storyteller and Western Esoteric Traditions Guide: telander6@aol.com or 970-349-6509. I would also be honored if you would visit my Positive Psychology and Life Purpose/Creativity Coaching website at www.marcietelander.com.  Blessings and Fly high! See Far!  Marcie


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